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About Us

Outside the Lines Communications is a collaboration between two experienced and talented women with complimentary skills in writing, small business strategy and website creation.

Our Mission

Our mission at Outside the Lines is twofold:

  • Writers’ Support & Education
    We aim to provide constructive and empowering support, and valuable education to current and budding writers.
  • Profitable & Effective Web Presence
    We aim to help small business owners, solopreneurs and creatives of all stripes build an appropriate online platform for them to share their unique work.

Who We Are

Kara Foreman

Kara Foreman

Kara’s formal training is in various forms of professional writing. She launched Outside the Lines Communications (OTL) in 2008 to help small business owners with their communications needs.

Over the years, Kara expanded her work to include helping clients with memoir writing and self-publishing.

Kara also provides coaching for individuals who want to build an online business and offers courses in various forms of self assessment and personal development.

Kara co-creates OTL’s online courses and support communities, and helps our website clients write quality web content.

“Kara is my go-to consultant for all things Word. She is very knowledgeable about anything related to word processing and wordsmithing and has helped me many times to clean up my thoughts and put them into words and sentences that expressed what I wanted to say, as well as to ensure my documents were carefully formatted and professional. I highly recommend her.” 

Bev Simpson RN, MSc, FCAN

Beth Campbell Duke

Beth’s background is in science and education and for the last 10 or so years has also been a family care partner for her husband, Tony.

She’s been riding shotgun through lung failure, a lung transplant and more recently Tony’s life-altering Vespa accident.

Beth Campbell Duke

As a retired high school science teacher, Beth’s focus was on helping students find and build on their strengths, a focus she maintained after she left formal teaching for caregiving and subsequently developed her online curriculum as ‘The Career Tutor.’

Beth is a highly skilled user of the WordPress website platform, and at OTL she helps clients with the technical end of things as well as collaborating with Kara on the content, design and delivery of our courses and support communities.

Beth has been my go-to gal for anything web-technical or WordPress-related for several years. What she does in 5 minutes would take me an hour, along with a lot of hair pulling. I’m thrilled that I could convince her to join me at Outside the Lines Communications to handle all the technical aspects of our website building services, as well as sharing her other multiple talents. She’s a huge asset and always a joy to work with.

Kara Foreman

You can find our more about Beth on her websites and