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Estimating an Editing Job

estimating an editing job

Each editing job is unique but here are some things we consider when estimating an editing job.

Time Needed

Here is the approximate time needed for various editing services.

Whether we’re editing for print or the web, we base these time estimates on 350 words per page (12pt Times New Roman font at 1.5 line spacing) as we request draft website content in a Word or Text file format.

ServiceTime Required
Re-writing.5 -1 page per hour
Structural/stylistic editing1-2 pages per hour
Basic copyediting2-5 pages per hour
Proofreading6-10 pages per hour

Elements that require additional time:

  • graphic elements (charts, tables, diagrams, photos etc) footnotes or bibliographies
  • fact checking
  • topic research
  • project management-related tasks as required


Generally 1 revision is included in the job estimate. Further revisions are billed separately.

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