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New Year – New Journal

desk w journal

I don’t know about you but I love January – largely because I get to buy a crisp new journal.

I confess I have a fairly serious stationery addiction and this is one of its more beneficial manifestations.

I’ve found there is an art to choosing a journal. You have to consider things like size, colour, line spacing, paper thickness… and will it be easy to use no matter where you are.

I particularly like journals with metal rings and a hard cardboard back so that it lies flat but supported on my knee.

Journals are Magical

This is one item that is yours and yours alone. No one else need ever see it. Use it to fully express yourself. It’s a great way to invite the insight and inspiration of the Muse, to problem solve, to express your gratitude and to chronicle your life.

They are free-reign territory. You can totally colour outside the lines in your journal. Figuratively or literally. Play with colours and stickers, draw, write, doodle… anything goes.

Bullet Journal

There’s also something powerful about handwriting, pen to paper, that is more satisfying than using a keyboard. I find I have easier access to my right brain – my creative side – when I write by hand.

There’s an integration of mind and body. And as an added bonus, it allows me to justify buying an array of coloured pens to go with my new journal!

In her wonderful book, The Artist’s Way: 30th Anniversary Edition, Julia Cameron recommends incorporating Morning Pages into your daily practice. These are 3 pages that you write every day, first thing, made up of simple stream-of-consciousness thoughts. They are not for any purpose other than to clear your mind of clutter, and train you to write regularly. Regardless of your mode of artistic expression, these pages are a true gift.

For practical, productive life-planning journaling, I really love the Bullet Journal. It’s a brilliant system for organizing and capturing your projects and interests. Watch the video and see if you think this way of organizing yourself will work for you.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to add a journaling ritual into your life. Begin this year with a brand new journal. Give yourself the gift of joyfully expressing yourself.


Here are some other places you can buy journals online. Or visit your favourite local book or stationery store.

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